Holt’s Reverse Law of Proximity

The person closest to the destination will be the last to arrive.

I always wondered why the kids who lived just across the street from school were invariably the last to arrive.  Then my job moved to about 4 miles from my home (a rarity in the DC area).  Now I know.  🙂

I bring this up because yesterday I went out to Thanksgiving dinner with some friends.  The restaurant (which I love) is just down the street from me.  So of course, I arrived after everyone had given their drink orders.

Now, the law does not expand to the rest of the attendees.  I.e., the person farthest from the destination is not necessarily the first to arrive.  (Especially here, since traffic can be such a crap-shoot.  Although traffic on Thanksgiving day is traditionally very light.)

In other news, my Sherlock DVDs came.  They include scenes that were cut from the Masterpiece Mystery shows.  I had planned to limit my viewing time, so as to stretch the pleasure over a few days.  But that didn’t happen.  But at least now I can delete them from my DVR.


One thought on “Holt’s Reverse Law of Proximity

  1. I observed, too, that it is the person closest to the destination who will be the last to arrive. I’ve always put this down to a sort of ‘take it easy’ attitude, in the sense that you don’t seemingly feel like you have to hurry or to get going well in advance, if you live very close to your destination.

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