Sunday Seven #4

[You thought I’d forgotten all about this, hadn’t you?  I just couldn’t think of anything for a long time.  Now I’m (sort of) full of ideas.]

I am so sick of this cold weather!  Yes, I grew up in Iowa where 32 degrees is spring-like; but we adjust to a warmer climate much more quickly than a colder one.  So, instead of a Sunday Seven about my favorite holiday foods, or about seven goals for 2011, here’s…

Seven Reasons I Hate Winter

  1. Cold weather aggravates my eczema.  I get red blotches that are so noticeable, people ask if someone’s hit me.  And my skin actually hurts.  It was so cold and windy when I woke up on Tuesday, I couldn’t face the half-mile walk from my car to the building, so I called in “sick.”
  2. The dry, heated indoor air plays havoc with my skin and sinuses.  (I’m fighting a headache right now.)  Humidifiers in the bedroom help, but…
  3. Filling and maintaining the humidifiers is just another housekeeping task I have to do.  (Yes, I truly am that lazy!)
  4. Driving in snow.  Yes, I have an all-wheel-drive vehicle (and I know how to drive in snow).  But that doesn’t help the other drivers
  5. Getting bombarded by the snow trucks.  In case you hadn’t heard, it snowed in the DC area last Thursday.  Coming home, three salt trucks came on the freeway just seconds before I passed the interchange.  I managed to drive past one (getting a direct hit of salt on my right side), but couldn’t get past the others.  I got a second direct hit when the third one passed me again to meet up with the other two. (See Note 1 below)
    • By the way, the trucks drive in formation, one in each lane abreast of each other so that you can’t pass them.  And just to make sure, they’re accompanied by another vehicle (with red flashing light) that cuts you off if you try to pass.  (I didn’t try that, being a moderately sane driver, but I watched as someone else tried it.)
    • Oh yeah, I also used up all the windshield washer fluid for my rear window.  So now I have to figure out how to refill that.
  6. Getting the car washed just added one more item to my list of weekend projects.
  7. And lastly, it’s friggin’ cold when I step out of the shower.  I hate that!

Note 1:  Pay attention to the use of passed and past.  Using them incorrectly is almost as big a pet peeve of mine as the misuse of then and than (which aren’t even close to each other in meaning).


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