We’re having a heat wave…

A tropical heat wave.


(Sorry, I don’t know the rest of the song.)

It got up to 43 degrees today!  I even had to take my winter coat off while shopping, I got so warm.  But it’s just a one-day deal.  At least I had a chance to be out outside in the daylight for a change.

Looks like we’re not going to have a white Christmas.  I’m fine with that.  I’m even fine with it snowing on Sunday into Monday morning.  Because I’m taking Monday off.  😀  In fact, I’m taking a few days off, starting with today

Umm, I got nothin’ (else).


7 thoughts on “We’re having a heat wave…

  1. 43 degrees? I envy you, as it got down till 23 over here in northern Italy. We consider ourselves lucky when it’s 32, but then it snows. In Europe, there are some saying that this is one of the coldest winters ever.

    • It’s been getting down to the 20’s at night here, too. This is definitely one of the consistently coldest Decembers I can remember living in this area.

      Kind of puts a dent in the global warming theory.

  2. So glad you’re getting time off! 🙂 You really deserve it.

    And actually, it’s cold BECAUSE of global warming (which is a bad name, really, because it’s so complex). I just read that the melting of the polar ice caps is sending fresh water into the Atlantic, which is pushing the Gulf Stream southward. The Gulf Stream is what gives us temperate weather up here in the first place. Hence, colder temps.

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