Seasonal Greetings

Gosh, look what happens when you give me a little time off!  Who knows, maybe next I’ll actually go visiting others’ blogs.

Happy HolidaysSuzanne uploaded some really cute Christmassy Merry-owly Christmasuserpics the other day.  I’m totally grabbing two of them, even though I have no use for them here.  They’re just so gosh darned adorable.

Then she linked to this year’s edition of Christmas carol-singing animals on YouTube.  Last year it was Deck the Halls; this year it’s Jingle Bells.  I have to say, Gemma is my favorite singer this year.  Last year it was a tie between Jupiter (who also makes an appearance this year, if you’re quick enough to catch him) and the dog that forgot the words.  (I continue to laugh so suddenly I lose bodily fluids.)

(Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, it’s saliva.)

And I have a soft spot in my heart for last year’s Ginger, an orange tabby who drank from the faucet, just like my beloved Britta (also an orange tabby) did.

And since one good YouTube turn deserves another, I give you the Nativity Story for the social networking world.  Ok, you’ve probably already seen it, but it’s always good to have another laugh, yes?


4 thoughts on “Seasonal Greetings

    • Ferrets in and of themselves are pretty funny. I got an ASPCA calendar this year and one of the featured critters is a snow white (possibly albino?) ferret. He’s really pretty. (Perhaps I’ll scan the pic in at some point.)

      Hope you had a great (and restful!) Christmas. I ate so much rich food, I was sick in the middle of the night. (Obviously I don’t know when I’ve had too much of a good thing.)

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