Sunday Seven #5 – a day late

Quite a long time ago I quit doing New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead, I try to do goals.  So here, sort of in the form of “Twelve Days of Christmas” are my…

Seven Goals for January

  1. 15 days of kitchen cleanups
  2. Cook 7 meals
  3. 6 days not turning computer on until 9:30 a.m.
  4. Take  lunch to work 5 times
  5. Make 2 doctor’s appointment
  6. 1 trip to Goodwill
  7. Rest and reward for completing the list!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Seven #5 – a day late

  1. Sounds like a reasonable list of goals.

    Personally, I think that cooking meals is the harderst resolution/goal when you live alone: though I like cooking, when it is for myself only, laziness wins over the pleasure of cooking… Perhaps I should invite friends and relatives to dinner more often, so that I can’t avoid taking time to cook proper meals… 😉

    • I’ve thought of forming a “cooking club” with some of my single friends, but it never met with much fanfare. And now I don’t get home until fairly late most evenings, so it’s not a viable option for me.

      The best I ever did was when I cooked on weekends and ate left-overs during the week. That’s what I need to get back to, but it’s a hard habit to reform.

      • My cousin and I actually formed a “cooking club” a few years ago with some friends of ours. There were six of us when we started, but it lasted only about three months, then we quickly gave up because of a lack of attendance to the “club meetings”. Perhaps we should have tried harder to involve other people…

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