Batting .ooo

TV is not my friend.

Since I hadn’t watched any Supernatural during the repeats, I decided to speed-watch “Appointment in Samarra” last night prior to tuning in to the new episode.  I finished the repeat late (which I like to do so I can fast-forward through the commericials), and what do I get for my troubles?  Nikita!  *pffft*!  Worse, because the cable guide still said Supernatural, my DVR recorded it.  Bah!

At least SyFy had the decency to note that Merlin was being unceremoniously usurped by Being Human, so the DVR didn’t fire up.  (And they did a mini-Merlin-marathon on Tuesday, so I got to watch some season 1 episodes I’d never seen before, including the series premiere.)

I watched the premiere of Being Human last week, and honestly, it’s not very good.  I swear the only reason it’s a hit is because of Sam Witwer, who gained a following on Smallville a few seasons back.  Because really?  The other two lead actors are pretty crappy.  At least Mark Pellegrino adds a bit of class.   (He seems to have put on weight since his Lucifer days on Supernatural.  I guess blood has a lot of calories.)

I suppose I shouldn’t be bitchy about Nikita or Being Human.  After all, I scoffed at Supernatural for its two Pretty Boy leads until I actually watched the show and found out the Pretty Boys could actually act.

So, no new tv episodes for me last night.  Poop!  😦  Instead, I went to bed and read some more of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  So the evening wasn’t a total bust.


One thought on “Batting .ooo

  1. As for shows recorded by mistake, I remember wanting to record Hornblower and getting Poirot instead. I actually liked the Poirot show that was on at the time, but it was not what I was after.

    Let me know how you like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: I’ve been thinking of reading it for quite a while, but I have yet to make up my mind to actually start reading it.

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