Sunday Seven #7

So, my last Sunday Seven, which I could not be bothered to number, was actually #6.  Which makes this week’s #7.

The season 3 finale of Merlin aired last Friday.  (I was  going to post this last week, but was overwhelmed with a severe case of ennui.)  While the episode wasn’t as perfect as last year’s season ender, it was pretty damn fine.  In honor of the event, here are my 7 favorite Merlin characters,  less Merlin, Gwen and sometimes Arthur.

[If you have not seen the series and plan to, perhaps you may not want to read any further.]

My Seven Favorite Non-Regular Merlin Characters

  1. Gaius, Merlin’s mentor/father-figure.  Yes, he’s a regular, but he’s so wonderful he deserves a place on this list.  Besides, he’s elderly, and it’s refreshing to see older people in important roles. I find that more and more true the older I get. 🙂
  2. Gwain.  Introduced this year, the character has become a big it.  I wasn’t sure I would like him (too pretty), but his roguishness is quite endearing.  And he’s become Merlin’s best friend.
  3. Lancelot. Another role I didn’t think I’d like, but he’s grown on me.  They’ve done a good job of giving him the famous traits of loyalty, honesty,and chivalry.  He’s the first person at the round table to swear allegiance to Arthur.  And while his love for Guinevere is all-consuming, he defers to Arthur.  Plus, he’s the only one (besides Gaius) who knows of Merlin’s magical powers.
  4. Freya.  Interestingly,when I first saw this episode, I rolled my eyes and fast-forwarded through a lot of it.  Merlin falls in love.  Yawn.  Little did I know at the time what a terrific actor Colin Morgan is and how engaging Laura Donnelly is.  Plus, who couldn’t love a flying panther?
  5. The Great Dragon.  Wise, yet menacing.  In a way, he’s another of Merlin’s mentors.  I’ve missed that he hasn’t been on as often this season.
  6. The Sidhe (pronouced “she”).  Yes, they’re evil and power-hungry, but how can you not love something that’s a cross between a fairy and a firefly?
  7. Arthur’s horse.  A gorgeous chestnut with dark brown mane and markings.  He prances!  Which is apparently a trait of the Andalusian breed.  Actually, all the horses are terrific, but this one stands out.

Arthur (Bradley James) and his horse (Tarrento). (BBC photo)


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