Supernatural season 6 finale (plus one)

A full evening of Supernatural‘ last night, including the sixth season ender.  I’ve been lukewarm about this season, but last night kind of made up for it.  Two separate episodes (not a 2-part finale), and I liked both of them.

“Let It Bleed”:  nice way to wrap up the Ben and Lisa storyline.  With the added bonus that if Sam ever mentions their names again, Dean will break his nose.  Ha!

Honestly, other than the ending, I don’t remember much else about the episode.  Sam, Dean and Bobby are at Bobby’s trying to figure out something (I don’t even remember what) when Dean gets a phone call saying demons have kidnapped Lisa and Ben (not to mention killing Lisa’s new boyfriend).  Dean tortures a bunch of demons to find out where they are, Sam stands around looking angsty, and Bobby goes in search of… something.  Bobby finds an ex-lover (who turns out to be something supernatural that I didn’t fully understand) but she doesn’t know anything.  (Eventually, she dies, so no nooky for Bobby.)  Dean eventually finds Lisa and Ben, but Lisa’s possessed and plays mind-games with Ben and Dean.  As Dean exorcises the demon, demon-Lisa stabs physical-Lisa.  Dean goes ahead with the exorcism (he’s even learned it by heart!) and rushes Lisa to the hospital.  Castiel shows up and heals her and (at Dean’s request) wipes Ben and Lisa’s memories of Dean.

While I still think Jensen Ackles is the most talented actor in Hollywood, I feel he’s begun to overact tormented Dean.  I saw the same over-dramatic expressions last night when Dean said good-bye to Lisa and Ben.  But then he let his real emotions show, with his eyes reddening and welling up, and I remembered just how good he is.

“The Man Who Knew Too Much”:  So Lucifer is now Crowley and God is Castiel.  I can’t help thinking a lot of text books are going to have to be rewritten.  Sort of like when they declared Pluto wasn’t a planet.

Perhaps I liked the episode because 1) I’ve never been a fan of the Dean/Castiel love fest, and 2) I’ve grown really tired of heaven’s civil war.  Oh, and 3) it was nice to see Eric Kripke back in the writing saddle.

I’ve felt for awhile the writers have ignored a gold mine by not exploring Sam’s partitioned mind.  At least they did so last night, allowing Jared Padalecki to show his acting chops.  Except that once Sam was whole, having absorbed Less!Than!Sam, Soulless!Sam, and Hellfire!Sam (all ©  Natalie) his story was dropped, other than showing him stagger around here and there.  Instead, the show turned to the search for purgatory, the Crowley-Raphael mash-up, and the breakup of Dean and Cas.  Still, I was quite satisfied.  (See paragraph above.)

I think the situation is a nice set up for next season.  The boys will once again have an arch enemy, like they did with the yellow-eyed demon.  And maybe, just maybe, they’ll explore Sam’s psyche.  I just hope they don’t focus too much on Dean’s angst over his lost love(s).


2 thoughts on “Supernatural season 6 finale (plus one)

  1. LOL the various Sams, and thanks for the credit! I agree, the aftermath of Sam’s battle back was disappointing, but I HOPE that just means a meaty season premiere.

    In retrospect, the whole “OMG Cas is God!” ending feels like the “OMG Dean went to hell!” ending, in terms of “whoa, they went there.” To do that, they had to give short shrift to Sam. Which is okay and all, but as much as I’ve always loved Cas, the show is about the Winchesters, and between the Campbells and the angels, they did a lot too much standing and watching in season 6.

    The exploration of those things made sense. I get the interest in exploring those elements, and a lot of it I really liked, and a lot of it I loved, but in the end, it went too far away from the brothers and their character development. I hope they get back to that in season 7.

  2. Well, I always expected Dean would go to hell. Kripke’s just evil that way.

    I hadn’t thought about it, but you’re right, there were just too many players this season. Let’s get back to fighting monsters!

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