Sunday Seven—Special Memorial Day edition

In retrospect, I should have written this on Friday, so that I’d have a record of my plans for the weekend.  Perhaps that would have inspired me to do more.  But probably not.  😉

Seven Things I’d plan to get done over the holiday weekend

  1. Download audiobooks from the library—done.  Downloaded a couple mysteries to my iPod to listen to while commuting.  I’ve done this before, so it wasn’t too hard.
  2. Download eReader books from the library—done, but not without a lot of hair pulling and cursing.
  3. Update GPS maps—not done, but not my fault.  First of all, I had to buy the maps when I thought I had the “free maps for life” extra.  Secondly, the website keeps timing out (I’m trying to do it while writing this) and giving me a “500 error.”  Not pulling out hair, but am cursing.
  4. Get a pedicure—done.
  5. Clean out the frig—does one shelf count?  I didn’t think so.
  6. Clean out the car—um, no.
  7. Self-tan using a new streak-free product—done, but with horrid results.  Front of legs look good, but apparently I didn’t get the back of the legs.  At least the pedicure took off a lot of the self-tanner, so the demarcation lines aren’t so noticeable.  Guess I’ll go back to my old standby, the Jergens lotion that tans very gradually.

And a bonus!  I got sick last night from eating too many chips and hot dogs.  😦


3 thoughts on “Sunday Seven—Special Memorial Day edition

  1. Wow, you live near a very modern library! You can’t download audiobooks to your iPod or books to your eReader from my local library: I guess this is a reason why I haven’t bought an eReader yet.

    Now that you mention it, I think I have to clean my frig, too.

    • Yes, Alexandria VA) is pretty progressive. When I first heard about the ability to download online,I thought it quite interesting but couldn’t figure out how it works. Its nice because books automatically expire, so you never have to pay late fees. The downside is the selection isn’t nearly as good as the read library.

  2. Well, I think it is understandable how the selection of downloadable audiobooks matches the read library, as paper books started to be included in library selections decades before ebooks. A book that autimatically expires is very interesting: I remember that I was once asked to pay a late fee for a book that I had actually returned (but they couldn’t find it because they had sent it to a bookbinder) just because the librarian forgot to record that I had returned that book.

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