Sunday Seven twofer!

HBO’s Game of Thrones ended last week.  It’s one of those stories based on a series of epic fantasy novels, sort of like Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series or the “Sword of Truth” books by Terry Goodkind.  Except that they’re infinitely better written. (Ok, that’s just my opinion based on my personal experiences with the novels, but I stand by it!)  🙂

I’d never heard of George R.R. Martin’s book, but HBO was promoting the hell out of it.  And I thought it might fill the medieval fantasy void left after season 3 of Merlin ended.  So, today, I present:

Seven Things I’ll Miss about Game of Thrones

  1. The opening credits and theme song.  Regal and as big and ambitious as the series.  I keep thinking it’d make a good ballroom dancing song.
  2. Eddard (Ned) Stark.  Played by Sean Bean, he was the only honorable man in a world of political backstabbing.
  3. John Snow.  Ned Stark’s bastard son, whom Ned loved and raised with his legitimate family—much to the chagrin of his wife. He’s the classic tortured soul, although some would call him a whiner.
  4. Catelyn Stark (speaking of Ned’s wife).  She’s an almost-middle-aged woman with a significant, meaty role to play.  It’s refreshing to see a such a woman treated as a main character and not simply relegated to a supporting role.
  5. Tyrion Lannister.  A dwarf of almost royal blood.  Again, I love that he’s a fully fleshed out character and not played for laughs—although he does get some of the best lines.  Played by Peter Dinklage, he’s one of the smartest (if not the smartest) characters in the series.  Just don’t ask him to go into battle.
  6. Arya Stark.  Ned’s younger daughter, the “spunky” tomboy who can shoot an arrow straighter than her brothers.  Yes, she’s a bit of a stereotype, but she’s an excellent stereotype.
  7. Direwolves.  I’m not sure what the “dire” means, but they’re basically played by wolves.  The direwolf is the symbol of the Stark family, and all 6 children (yes, including the bastard) are given one as a pet.

Seven Things I Won’t Miss

  1. All the blood & guts.  Literally, guts.  When men are sliced through, their intestines spill out.
  2. Queen Cercei Lannister, played by the awesome Lena Headey.  Evil bitch!
  3. Emilia Clark’s boobs.  I’m no prude, but enough is enough.
  4. Ros the prostitute’s bikini wax.  See #3 above.
  5. Joffrey Baratheon.  Cercei’s son.  Little shit!
  6. Peter Baelish,  aka Littlefinger (snicker, snicker).  Ass.
  7. Being manipulated to love the “good” characters and hate the “bad” ones.  I feel so dull.  Why can’t I like at least one not-so-good guy (or gal)?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Seven twofer!

  1. Gail, you’re the second person I hear recommending Game of Thrones. The first person that recommended GoT to me is a fans of Sean Bean (whom I only liked in The Lord of the Rings) and a sucker for anything he’s in, so her view may have been somewhat skewed, but I may give GoT a go after reading your review.

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