Sunday Seven – # unknown

I recently (re-)bought the DVDs for the first season of Supernatural.  The reason is here.  To mark the occasion, I was going to do a “Seven Favorite Season 1 Supernatural Episodes.”  Then I thought,Wait there’s so much more than just favorite episodes!  And so I give you:

A banner of Supernatural's Dean & Sam Winchester

Just one of may Supernatural banner's on my computer

Seven Possible Supernatural-related Sunday Seven Lists

  1. Seven favorite episodes—by season, because I couldn’t limit my total choices to just 7
  2. Seven favorite guest characters—again, by season
  3. Seven favorite lines—yes, by season
  4. Seven favorite scenes—yep, by season
  5. Seven favorite monsters—not sure if it would be by season or overall
  6. Seven favorite songs— this might have to be overall, since there’s been less choices in more recent years.
  7. Seven favorite locations—of course, anything with Iowa will get my vote first.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Sunday Seven – # unknown

  1. They haven’t hunted anything in Iowa for a while, have they? The last one I can think of is Pestilence, near the end of Season Five. Of course, they probably drive through all the time, what with Bobby living just over the border in Sioux Falls. 😀

    I look forward to your lists. I think you’re probably set for the Sundays for the rest of the year, at least!

    Oh, and BTW, my friend Matt is now completely and utterly hooked on the show. The Season One finale reeled him in, and he flew through Season Two in about a week and a half. Hee!

  2. Buying or renting the first season of Supernatural is what I should be doing, as in the past few weeks I found myself trying to watch it on TV because my favorite series are on break, but as it is season 5 of Supernatural which is on in Italy right now, I liked the concept, but I feel like I missed out on too much background to really follow and understand the story.

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