August goals: How’d I do?

I was going to post progress on my seven August goals week by week, but that didn’t happen.  I started out pretty good.  Not perfect, but good.  I slacked off as the month passed, but still, I made progress.

  1. Wash my face every night:  I slacked off, but this month was better than last month.  And hopefully next month will be even better.
  2. Take my lunch to work at least once a week:  Pretty good.  Not every week, but at least two, maybe three.
  3. Take my breakfast to work at least once a week:  Actually, I did this quite a bit.
  4. Renew the car registration:  Done!
  5. Take Kimmi to the vet for her exam—and make an appoint to get her teeth cleaned pulled:  Done!  It was a rough morning, for both her and me, but we got it done, and she didn’t have to get her teeth pulled.  (Because the only ones she has left are her lower canines.  One is in good shape; the other, not so much.  But the vet won’t pull them because the roots go into the jaw and the risk of breaking the jaw is quite high.  He wasn’t willing to create a bit problem while taking care of a small one.  By the way, I LOVE my vet!)
  6. Get a new toilet for the guest bath:  Nope.  Good thing I have two bathrooms!  🙂
  7. Eat at least one fruit or vegetable a day:  Yeah, the embarrassing one.  I’m actually doing fairly good here.  Like goal #1, better than last month.

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