Can you say “oxymoron?”

I was in Target today, between medical appointments.  They’re getting ready for Halloween.  They had a whole bank of greeting cards for the occasion, with an orange and black banner over them saying “Give ’em a card that gives ’em the chills.”  The first card to catch my eye was Hello Kitty.  😀

In doing a Google image search for Hello Kitty, I came across some pictures of crazy Hello Kitty merchandise. I was going to post, among other things, the Hello Kitty toaster (complete with Hello Kitty toast), but someone not only beat me to it, he found even better stuff!  But wait, it gets better!  There’s even a blog dedicated to everything Hello Kitty stuff including trains, tanks, and even bulimia.  That is Whack!


5 thoughts on “Can you say “oxymoron?”

  1. There’s a Hello Kitty Volkswagen Beetle out there somewhere. I saw pics of it online a few years ago. Last Christmas at Target, we had an entire endcap of Hello Kitty kitchen appliances. Toasters, wafflemakers, gumball machines, you name it. Nothing is safe!

  2. It is incredible what they came up with in terms of Hello Kitty merchandise. I think I’ll have to take a plunge into the Hello Kitty world, as I have to buy a present for my niece who is turning 4 next month and she is s big fan of Hello Kitty.

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