Hey, Suzanne!

I’ve been looking at Clear Lake real estate this morning, and once again found several homes within my price range.  I guess I just need to get my butt in gear and start getting my place ready to sell, huh?

I’m thinking about coming out to Iowa this winter.  “Winter?!?” you say?  But think, if I can stand the winter, then there’s no question about it, right?? 😉


3 thoughts on “Hey, Suzanne!

  1. Ooh, getting serious now, eh? Winter is hardly the last time of year I’d expect you to come, but you make a good point. ;D Now, what month were you thinking of?

    • Oops, that didn’t make much sense. Pick one: winter is the last time of year I’d expect, or winter is hardly the time of year I’d expect. And it only took me three days to notice!

      • Heheh. Actually, you made perfect sense the first time. It just takes me forever to get back here to read the comments. 🙂 I’m thinking maybe March? It’s still winter, but not February winter. Know what I mean?
        By the way, the weather is still warmer in Clear Lake than here! But we don’t get quite as cold at night.

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