Just like a kid

I bought the cats all sorts of toys for Christmas.  So what is the big boy playing with right now?  A receipt I found in my handbag this evening and was  going to throw away.  Instead, I wadded it up in a ball and threw it at him.  Now he’s chasing it all over the place while the feathered flyer and long-tailed mice sit unappreciated on the living room floor.

Speaking of holidays, I hope yours was wonderful.

P.S.  In case  you’re wondering, I changed the theme so I could take better advantage of the falling snow WordPress.org provides us with every Dec.  (Well, at least last year and this year.)


2 thoughts on “Just like a kid

  1. I’ve long given up buying toys for my cats, as they have never shown much interest in what is supposed to be their toys and proved to be more interested in paper balls, curtains, pillows, yarns I use for my knitting and shoes (the stinkier, the better 😉 ). However, I gave my cats some extra food on Christmas day.

    • Yes, the stinkier, the better!

      I usually get something with catnip, which is always a big hit. And in the past, little furry mice have been tops. But this year, nada. Perhaps, like me, the cats are just getting older.

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