Welcome, 2012!

Japanese dragon representing Chinese zodiac

It's the Year of the Dragon

I like even numbered years more than odd numbered years.  I’ve probably mentioned that before, but I’m too lazy to go back and find it.

And I like Leap Years even moreso than regular even-numbered years.

And even better yet?  It’s the Year of the Dragon!  Ok, so the Chinese New Year doesn’t start for another month or so, but still… How many other Chinese Zodiac signs have songs about them?  (Or am I thinking of “Eye of the Tiger?”)

(Interestingly, the dragon to the right is apparently a Japanese dragon.  I find it rather humorous that a Japanese dragon is used to represent the Chinese zodiac.  But I found this on Wikepedia, so it must be ok.  Right?)

And now, absolutely no segue at all…

In my next post, I’m going to present my entertainment awards.  I wanted to call them the Obies since Obie (“O.B.,” my dad’s initials) was my nickname in high school, but that awards name is taken.  😦  So I thought, how about GO awards (my inititals)?  Nah, too short.  Gogo?  Sounds like a disco.  Then I thought, why don’t I use my first and middle initial.  That’s Gaga, if doubled.  Damn!  That name is taken, too.  So, how about Goga?  Or Gago? Which do you like better?


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