The 2011 (and 2010) SOCk Awards

What happened to the Goga or Goga awards I was going to announce?  Well, first of all, I decided not to call them either Goga or Gago.  Voting produced an astounding 1-1 tie; and I decided the names were kind of stupid for an award.  But not stupid for a cute Italian nephew, of course!  😉

Then I got hung up on trying to find pictures to go with all the award winners.  And behold, a whole month went by.  So this year we will forgo the pretty (pirated) pictures.

So, instead we have the “Stream Of Conscience” (plus a “k”) Awards for Gail’s (or General) Entertainment.

And the winners are:

  • Best television show:  Sherlock.  Although there are other shows I record, this is the one I bought the DVD set for.
  • Best movie:  How to Train Your Dragon.  This is where the “(and 2010)” part comes in.  I didn’t see it until 2011, and it so outshines anything else I’ve seen.
  • Best talk show sidekick:  Geoff Peterson, the  gay robot skeleton from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  When asked what he did to quit smoking, he replied “I died.”
  • Most overrated tv show:  Downton Abby.  I can’t believe this was on so many 2011 Top 10 lists!  Yeah I watched all of it and found it moderately enjoyable.  But it certainly wasn’t groundbreaking.  Anyone remember Upstairs, Downstairs?
  • Best dragon (since this is the Year of the Dragon):  Toothless, from the movie How to Train Your Dragon.  He barely edged out the Great Dragon (aka Killagarrah) from Merlin.  Honorable mention goes to Toothless, the dragon from the bookHow to Train Your Dragon.  (Movie!Toothless is more adorable and less disobedient, but Book!Toothless grows on you.)
  • Best music (another nod to “(and 2010)”:  The soundtrack from How to Train Your Dragon.  I have just 4 words for the Academy, John Powell was robbed!

That’s it for now.  Next year I hope to have an actual award.  I’m sure Dreamworks would love getting a sock from me.  🙂


5 thoughts on “The 2011 (and 2010) SOCk Awards

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