I was going to edit yesterday’s post…

…but then I thought, why the heck not just write a new post?  Not that I have a lot to say, but it’s sort of funny and I think it deserves its own post.

So, yesterday I mentioned some of my favorite things about retirement.  Here’s another one:

I woke up in the middle of the night last night to go to the bathroom. When I crawled back into bed I  glanced at the alarm clock and thought to myself, Oh, we “spring ahead” tonight.  And then I realized that today was Saturday, not Sunday!  Ha!  I think buying groceries on a week day fooled me into thinking it was Saturday night.

It may not seem like much, but those of you who’ve read this blog over the years know why daylight savings time is annoying and  traumatic for me.

Which brings me to another reason to love retirement, and why I’m so glad I chose late February.  I don’t have to suffer though another daylight savings time adjustment!  Well, I do, but it’s not critical since I don’t have anywhere I need to be at any particular time.

*throws confetti*



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