Hello, Summer!

Wow, I shaved my legs just in time!  (One of the things I let go by the way-side while working long, hard days was shaving my legs.  Hey, I wore only pants, I wasn’t swimming*, and there is no man in my life to complain about it.  But I figured now that I’m a lady of leisure, I should start again.  That way I’d be ready for spring when it arrived.  Little did I know that spring summer was going to arrive in two days!)

What the hell? It’s eighty degrees today, and it’s barely the middle of March!  I had to dig through my clothes and do some laundry so that I’d have some shorts and other summery bottoms to wear.  Even the light-weight jeans I wore on Tuesday (when I did said laundry) was too much.

I shouldn’t complain.  I love wearing sandals and it’s much easier not to dress in layers.   The only drawback is we can’t turn on our a/c until May.  Apparently it’s a law in Alexandria, VA, that community dwellings can’t turn off the heat until April 30.  Since our heating and cooling are the same unit, we have to turn off one before we can turn on the other.  We usually have to suffer a week or so of heat without a/c every year, except in previous years, the heat wave’s been in April!   I’m sure the law is to protect residents from evil landlords; but we’re owners, for the most part. I don’t see why we can’t decide when to turn off our heat.

I could get a room-sized a/c unit, which several of my neighbors have.  But right now I’m not willing to deal with the hassle of installing it.  I already have too many boxes and packing material to clean out.  I’m willing to suffer for awhile.  Especially since I no longer have to go get up to work.  Hee!

*Swimming with hairy legs is weird.  I know this because for a time in grad school I decided to be Earth Woman and not shave.  My mother scolded me to shave my legs,  but I wasn’t motivated until I went to the pool to swim laps and it felt like seaweed all around my legs.)


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