“Private” thoughts

Uh-oh.  I’ve begun watching Private Practice.  This may not seem like a big deal, but as a fan of Supernatural, it is.  I refused to watch Grey’s Anatomy on principle because it used to air at the same time as Supernatural.  (In fact, Supernatural itself made fun of Grey’s Anatomy, calling it  “Dr. Sexy, M.D.” on more than one occasion.)  And since Private Practice is a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, it was verboten by association.

Then Benjamin Bratt joined the cast.  I was so out of touch with these medical shows, I didn’t even realize it until the season was half over.

Is the show good?  Not particularly.  Is it realistic?  Hell, no!  But I was so glad to see Bratt back on tv, playing a likeable character (unlike William Banks of The Cleaner) I didn’t really care.   And making him romantically available (unlike Rey Curtis from Law & Order) doesn’t hurt.

I mention all this because the show has left me with a profound yearning to move to L.A.  What’s surprising is that it’s not that far fetched—I could do it!  I have a friend from college who lives in Long Beach.  And I’d actually be able to afford a modest place to live.  Granted, it wouldn’t be Addison’s beach-side place since since I don’t have $100 mil or so lying around.

But would I really want to live in the land of the perputally young and beautiful people?  I’m not a high-maintenance type of person, so I’d probably feel out of place.  Perhaps this intense desire for a body of water is my heart’s way of telling me to move to Clear Lake (Iowa).  I always considered it Iowa’s answer to L.A.,  perhaps it’d be a nice compromise, with the added bonus of Hawkeye football and changing seasons.  😉


4 thoughts on ““Private” thoughts

  1. I remember watching the first season of Private Practice and then stopped watching it. I guess it came in a period when I started being sick and tired of medical dramas because I felt there were too many of them. Then I resumed watching Private Practice this year because Benjamin Bratt was in it (I think that my staying away from medical dramas for a while helped, too).

    LA… I don’t think I’d like to live there. If I decided to move to California, I’d rather go for San Francisco.

    • Ah, San Francisco. Actually, that’s always been my ideal place to live. One of one of the reasons I was attracted to Ben Bratt was that he lived my dream life: grew up in SF and studied drama in college. Later I learn he also played saxophone in high school, which, if I’d had it to do over again I’d have picked instead of the flute. (Sax was in the swing/jazz band and flute was not.)

  2. Bahahaha! Clear Lake is Iowa’s answer to L.A.! That’s fantastic! I have seen a shirt for sale, though, that says “Clear Lake–the Hamptons of Mason City”. BTW, there’s loads of property for sale around the lake right now. And waaaaaay cheaper than L.A.! 🙂

    • Perhaps I should have said Clear Lake reminded me of southern CA, but the Hamptons of Mason City is pretty good too!

      So, lots of property for sale, eh? Guess I better get my ass in gear and develop some kind of plan for fixing up this place and moving. So many things to do before I get my life just right. 🙂

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