Bats in the Belfry

Tuesday night, I was sitting in the living room playing on my newish laptop (which I love, by the way!) when the cats started acting lively.  I looked up to see a bird flying through the room.  Upon (not so much) closer inspection, it wasn’t a bird, but a bat!  Now, I’m not a squeamish person per se, but there is a certain ick factor to bats, even though I know they’re somewhat maligned.  I have no idea how it got in.  I hadn’t had the doors or windows open and don’t have a chimney.  Perhaps it came through the  dryer vent?

I decided the best way to get it out of the house was to prop the door open and let it fly out.  But in the process of propping the door, I stepped over the threshold and the door slammed shut.  And yes, the spring lock was in the locked position.

One of my worst fears is getting locked out at night with no phone, money, or car keys.  I looked at my watch and it’s 10:30.  Around here, that’s bedtime for most folks.  I knocked on a couple neighbors’ doors, one of whom is retired and I thought might still be up.  But she didn’t answer her door.  However, I heard movement next door, so I knocked. The fabulous George was still up and was kind enough to invite me in and call a locksmith.  He stayed up, since the locksmith was going to call back, offered me some water, and we sat and chatted for awhile.  I know this was a huge inconvenience for him as he’s an early riser and I could tell he was getting more and more tired by the minute.  But he stayed up even after the locksmith left to make sure I got back in.  See why he’s so fabulous?

When I got back in, the cats were all calmed down and no bat in sight.  I figured hoped it might have gone out the way it came in (which was and still is a mystery).  That night, I had not one but two dreams about bats.  In one I’d captured it in a net but when I released it “in the wild,” it had a broken wing  (prompte,dI think, my affection for  the also all black Toothless the Night Fury from the How to Train Your Dragon movie).

No bat signs when I got up in the morning, a good omen.  But toward the evening there it was, flying around the living/dining room again. (No idea where it camped out.)   This time I made sure the door was unlocked when I propped it open.  Eventually it found it’s way outside, without broken wings.

It’s such a nice feeling being bat free.  I will baking browies for George tomorrow.  🙂


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