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The Writer’s Center‘s fall schedule of courses (and newsletter) arrived last week.  Every season I go through the schedule and indentify several courses I’d like to take.  This season is no different, except that I might actually take a course this time.  Now that I have some time, a-once-a-week trip to Bethesda, MD (approximately 60 miles round trip), is doable.

I took a Writer’s Center course a few years ago called “Writing from Life”  and  enjoyed it tremendously.  During the course we wrote several essays about various topics from our life, including favorite people, events, food, and more.  (I had planned to post the essays here, but never got past the first one, which was a bit too fan-girlie” and embarrassing.  Perhaps if I can get on a writing schedule, I’ll get the others posted.)

My  goal is to write a memoir about my parents.  (In fact, the reason I started blogging was to tell my nephews and niece about their paternal grandparents, whom they never got to know very well.  But along the way, it turned into a hodge-podge of posts.)  I grew up with stories of the Great Depression and World War II.  At the time, I thought their experiences were the norm, but it turns out my parents’ stories, are as unique and interesting as they were.


3 thoughts on “The Write Stuff

  1. I wish I lived near Bethesda and could take one of the Writer’s Center’s courses… We don’t get many well-organized writing courses in Italy and I’m sorry for it, as I’d like to improve my writing skills (I’d like to learn how to write good short stories).

    Hope you’ll be able to attend a writing course, Gail, and that I’ll have the chance to read about your parents.

    • Thanks, Francesca. I’m trying to think of an alternate way you could “study” writing, such as university classes or text book/self-help books. I know that’s not much to go on, and it’s really hard to “improve” your skills when you don’t have the feedback.

      Maybe we can look for something online!

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