I love the sound of jackhammers in the morning

We’re having our sidewalks repaired this week.  This morning I woke to the sound of jackhammers outside my window.  It wasn’t terribly bright outside, so I checked my alarm clock.  It was 7:freakin’:30!  Whatever happened to the work day starting at 9:00?

Of course, if this was last year, I’d be pulling into a parking spot near Baltimore by 7:30.  So I probably shouldn’t complain too loudly.

The work started yesterday (but not at 7:30!).  We had to move our cars, but I’d misread the notice and parked in a spot that was also supposed to be vacated.  So yesterday’s morning surprise was that my car had been towed.  Mid-morning I strolled outside to find to find the sign for the towing company (since I didn’t have the phone number at home) and ran into the grounds maintenance guy.  Apparently he’d knocked on my door and phoned me.  Yes, I’d been asleep.  And I used to be such a light sleeper.

Thankfully, they towed my car to another space in the condo complex, and not offsite.  Not only is the towing charge significantly less (over $100 less), I don’t have to find a ride to the car lot.

A;; in all, pretty lucky for pulling such a big goner.  All in all, pretty lucky for pulling such a big boner.  (The first sentence was typed with a cat sitting on my chest, blocking the screen.  I decided to keep it in to see how bad it was.  It’s actually pretty good—I thought it’d be a lot worse.)


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