Bye-bye, blog

Several families wave goodbye ot loved ones in Charleston, SC, 1960.

Wave goodbye to the menfolk who must work so that we can vacation in 1960s Charleston, SC.

I’ve decided it’s time for a new web presence. I’ve changed my user name, my gravatar (to [almost] match my Facebook profile pic), and my primary blog.  That means I’m throwing in the towel here.  I haven’t updated in quite a while for a number of reasons, mostly because SciFi Chicks has kept me pretty busy these past several months.  But I’m saying goodbye there, too.

I’m combining my three blogs into one more streamlined blog, currently called “The NEW Stream of Consciousness.”  I plan to include a couple regular features, a few polls and other interactivity, and some entertaining stories.

If you’re one of the dozen followers here, please mosey over to The NEW Stream of Consciousness and follow me there.

[Photo Credit: Not in the News Today Poems by Pat Smith, via South Florida Food and Wine]

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