The blog

I started this blog way back in 2006 (and had many false starts before that) in the hope of writing about my family, so that my nephews and niece could learn about my side of the family.  Most of their time has been spent with their mother’s side of the family, and while the Forsythes are a most wonderful bunch of people, they don’t know a lot about my side since their father (my brother) is not particularly present in their lives.  I want them to realize the caliber of people they came from on both sides of their family.

However, in the course of writing inconsistently and haphazardly about anything that comes  to mind (hence the blog’s name), I haven’t written much about my family.  Instead, I’ve written about blogging, the web, entertainment, my cats, and work.  I will probably continue this stream of consciousness, but hopefully I’ll be more consistent and frequent.


I’m an Iowa native, a University of Iowa (BS) and Michigan State (MA) graduate, a former Navy officer, and a recently retired Federal government (Department of Defense) flunky employee.  I haven’t decided what to do with the rest of my life, but some of it will include getting my home in sell-able condition, so that I can retire to someplace where living is less expensive than Northern Virginia.

The heading pictures

The theme I use is Coraline, which allows for random headers. The boat is from iStockphoto; the lily pad, river rocks, and green river are from the Stock Exchange; and the black and white one is from an old family photo album.  It’s a picture of my brother and me sitting on my grandfather’s  dock in Clear Lake, Iowa.  Damn, I love that place!

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