Daily Prompts and Messy Homes

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?

That’s today’s Daily Prompt (henceforth called DP, because I’m lazy; plus it can also stand for Daily Post).  I’ve written only one response to a DP, last December.  The prompt was to recall your earliest memory.  Not only was mine vivid, it was appropriate for the season.  Hell, I even had a picture to go with it!  [I have picture that could go with this DP, too, but it’s too embarrassing to post.]  Earlier this week, the DP asked what brings out your competitive nature.  I started a post, but began to ramble on.  It was getting late and I was too tired to edit it into some kind of order.  So there it sits in my inbox.*

My inbox is a lot like my home.  Messy.  So messy in fact that I started a blog to chronicle my attempt to declutter and clean out.  I was hoping it would motivate me to get moving, but so far my success has been lackluster.  Perhaps today’s prompt is a sign that I should start again.

Or should I?  As it is, this blog doesn’t get much action.  I spend most of my time at SciFi Chick(s), especially right now with the Supernatural March Madness tournament is in full swing.  That will be over in a week or so, but Game of Thrones is starting tonight, and I’m debating whether I should cover it.  (I have a like-hate relationship with the show.)  If I do, that will further tie up my blogging time.

I haven’t really answered the Daily Prompt, have I?  I could answer it at Ms. Pack Brat, but I’m beginning to think three blogs too many.  Yes?  No?  An alternative might be to incorporate Ms. Pack Brat over here.  It might give this blog an overall theme, rather than just my ramblings.  Decisions, decisions.

I’ll leave the whole “how and why I live with clutter” spiel for another post.

*So, what brings out my competitive nature?  Ballroom dancing.  Yep, it’s true.


Fall Housekeeping

I’ve been trying to write (i.e., blog) every day, but since the fall tv season has begun, I’ve been spending all my time at SciFi Chick(s).  (And I’m still behind!)  More importantly, I’ve been trying to read more blogs, especially those dedicated to writing.

Along the way, I’m trying to clean up both here and at SciFi Chick(s).  (This being a continuation of the Overholt Overhaul.)  I’m sorting through my categories and tags (now that I kind of understand how tags work), weeding out the duplicates and developing some consistency.  At first it was crazy daunting, but I’ve come up with a manageable approach by doing a little bit each day.

I’ve also updated my links, taking out the dead links and adding some new ones that I really like, including a whole section on writing.

The one new non-writing blog is one I found yesterday called Fresh from the… (oven and television).  I thought about putting it  under “Awesome Stuff,” but that category’s mainly for help with WordPress.  What I love about Fresh From The… is the way it’s organized.  It’s divided into two main topics (baking and television) in a way I’ve never seen before; plus the top menu and the rest of the sidebar are interesting and easy to follow.  And the writing is delightfully clever, with a dry humor that’s right up my alley

Kudos to Jen,  the author!  Man, I wish my mind worked like that.

Yes, it’s another blog

After three posts about DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk and wanting to write more, I decided to dust off the ol’ SciFi Chicks blog.  I figure it’s a more fitting place to discuss television shows of a scifi/fantasy/horror nature than here, where the subject gets mixed in with all sorts of other crap stuff.

What better way to stretch my writing muscles than to actually write something?  And since I have a few posts about sci fi shows running through my head (while a big long post sits in my draft box here), I’ll be heading over there shortly.  Hope to see you there!

Sunday Seven Reborn

I figure if I want a meme to catch on, I should post it regularly, n’est pas?  So let’s try this again.

For the past few years I’ve hosted a “Supernatural March Madness Tournament of Episodes.”  I decided not to do one this year, not because I’d lost interest in the show, but because the winner was the same every year.  That episode was the powerful season 2 opener, “In My Time of Dying.”  It forever changed the landscape of Supernatural, but even in and of itself, it was an incredible, beautifully filmed ride.

In place of the tournament, I thought I’d revisit the last Elite Eight and give honorable mention to the runners-up.  I’ve listed them in reverse order of my personal liking.

Looking for the Elite 7

Hmm, let’s see what Gail thinks of the Elite 7.

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The Overholt Overhaul

I’m thinking this blog needs an overhaul.  The categories have gotten a bit out of control.  Not to mention the tags, which are so cluttered I don’t even show them.  And I know there’s probably plenty of dead links.

WordPress.com has changed so much since I began blogging here, and being the social media-phobe that I am, I don’t take full advantage of all the goodies offered.  But perhaps it’s time to change all that.

I’m soon going to have lots more time on my hands.  Retirement is looming (as in NEXT WEEK!) and one of my goals is to do more blogging.  I’m not sure what the overhaul will entail.  Hopefully it’ll include much more activity from me, both in posting, responding and visiting other sites.

Let’s just hope I don’t get sidetracked with trying to find the perfect theme.  😀

Can you say “oxymoron?”

I was in Target today, between medical appointments.  They’re getting ready for Halloween.  They had a whole bank of greeting cards for the occasion, with an orange and black banner over them saying “Give ’em a card that gives ’em the chills.”  The first card to catch my eye was Hello Kitty.  😀

In doing a Google image search for Hello Kitty, I came across some pictures of crazy Hello Kitty merchandise. I was going to post, among other things, the Hello Kitty toaster (complete with Hello Kitty toast), but someone not only beat me to it, he found even better stuff!  But wait, it gets better!  There’s even a blog dedicated to everything Hello Kitty stuff including trains, tanks, and even bulimia.  That is Whack!