Weather it’s nice or not

I love learning something new, not matter how trivial.

Trees are blooming in Washington, DC.

Beautiful to look at, but difficult to breathe.

Today I learned the AccuWeather app on my iPad can do more than help me plan what to wear.   I discovered several tabs I’d not noticed before.  So of course I checked them out.

Today is an Excellent day for all sports.  Well, except skiing.  That’s poor.  (Hee.)  It’s also a Low Risk day for most health concerns, except the one that concerns me the most—sinuses.  Even that isn’t too bad, being just Moderate.  That’s pretty good for this time of year considering the trees in Northern Virginia are starting to blossom.

Donald Trump has a Bad Hair Life, too.

Well, at least it’s not this bad.  I think.

But the best tab is the Outdoor tab.  Today’s an Excellent day for barbequing (which I plan to do this evening), walking the dog, and mowing the lawn.  And it’s a Low Risk day for Hair Frizz.  Yes!  It tickles me that the possibility of having a Bad Hair Day is important enough for AccuWeather to note.  Of course, it doesn’t matter to me.  I have a Bad Hair Life, so every day is a Bad Hair Day.  It’s what happens when you have 7 cowlicks.

Thanks, Mom.  You gave me your long, shapely legs, but also the crazy hair.  Not to worry, I still love ya.


April Fool’s! Twice.

Why’s it always seem to go
that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone..

I hate it when life throws me a curve ball.  All set to begin my April Resolutions, I woke up yesterday to no electricity.  It was a lovely calm, sunny day; so it wasn’t weather-related.  It was off for three hours—or more).

It’s amazing how much we depend on electricity.  I couldn’t make coffee, couldn’t toast a bagel, couldn’t make oatmeal.  So I settled for a trip to McDonalds.  (Need the coffee!)  Couldn’t pay bills, thanks to the convenience of online bill pay.  I wrote a letter but couldn’t check the price of stamps.  Couldn’t check the weather to see what clothes to wear.  I’d let the iPad battery run down the night before and hadn’t recharged.  My iPod was charged, but the router doesn’t work without power.   At least it was a sunny day and I didn’t need a flashlight—except for the closet.

This morning I woke up to no hot water—and I really needed to take a shower.  Fortunately, the laundry I didn’t get done yesterday required cold water only.  But the dishes in the kitchen would have to wait.  Who wants to wash dishes in cold water?

Why do we realize how much we depend on our modern conveniences only when we don’t have them?

I was tempted to use both days as an excuse to delay (or worse, forgo) my April resolutions.  But I muddled through as best I could.  It wasn’t perfect, but perfect shouldn’t always be the goal.  Sometimes the goal is just to move forward.

Ok, April.  All your jokes are over now.  Right?

The Gray Age

I got my hair cut yesterday.  No big deal, I know.  But this was the first time in many years that I didn’t get it colored as well.

Several years ago I decided  would “go gray” when I turned 50.  An over-50 coworker told me that wouldn’t happen.  It didn’t.  I then decided I’d go gray when I retired.  Now that I am retired, perhaps it’s time to embrace my age.

In my lifetime I’ve had may hair colors, going from baby blond to toddler red, eventually growing into a mousy brown.  I started coloring my hair 30 years ago, at the urging of my best friend.  First it was just highlights but grew into something more, especially as the gray hair became more abundant.  Over the years, I’ve been many shades on the Goldwell color chart.  My hair stylist says I have a complexion that looks good in anything.  And now she says I’ll look good with silver hair.

I don’t know.  She cut the hair in a cute style, but now it’s much lighter.  (Not all the color has grown out or faded, so  it’s not a drastic change.  Yet.)  I left the salon not feeling ecstatic.  I like looking about 10 years younger than I really am.  The gray will likely age me, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

I know I shouldn’t complain about aging.  After all, consider the alternative.

So far… So Great!

How’s retirement going?  Well, just look at this post’s title.  Although it hasn’t really sunk in yet.  I feel like I’m playing hooky from school.

What I love most is not having to set the alarm.  What I love second most is not having to go to bed by a certain.  Not that I stay up until all hours.  I don’t.  But at least I don’t have to start getting ready for bed at 9 p.m.  But I’m not in a rythm yet.  I’m still pretty inconsistent about when I wake up.  And it’s still taking me quite awhile to wake up enough to tackle the day.  But, for the most part, it is being tackled, however lightly.

Today I experienced another thing that may become my new second favorite thing out retirement—going to the grocery store at off-hours.  Even though I waited until 3:30 on a Friday afternoon to go,it was still relatively quiet.  Imagine what it will be like on, say, a Tuesday morning!

As for the blog overholthaul, I haven’t done much this week.  This week’s been mostly about making sure my retirement paperwork went through.  (It’s a long story which I won’t bore you with.)  But everything seems to be on track.  So… yay!

Lovely Sunday afternoon

A few weeks ago, I was going to write a post with the title


(Well, the title would have been A LOT bigger than that!)  But, being the grand procrastinator I am, I didn’t.  The reason for the immense jubilation?  I met with my financial adviser and she gave me the wonderful news that I can retire in January!  But when I try to figure out what my pension will be, I keep having to move the date forward.  I suppose I could just go in January, but staying just a few more weeks increases the pension a noticeable amount.  I suppose it’s a small sacrifice to make for something that will affect me the rest of my life.

I’m not looking forward to the coming winter.  I’ll still have to drive the 30 miles each way (which around here means anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours—this past week traffic was horrible!), and worse, I’ll still have to hike the 1/2 mile from my car to the building.  But I’m winding down.  I’m not putting in 12 hour days anymore.

So here I am, enjoying my Sunday afternoon “calm before the storm.”  It’s been a gray day, but not too chilly.  You know how every now and then life gives you one of those surprising moments of simple bliss?  Today mine was sitting in a club chair, playing on my new laptop, with one cat lying next to me (this is, after all, his chair) and another on the back of the chair.  Both cats stayed there for quite awhile, and of course I used it as a great excuse to continue playing.  Anything to avoid housework.  🙂

What the hell???

I have 2 weather gauges on my desktop; one for Alexandria, VA, where I live, and one for Clear Lake, IA, where I (possibly) want to live.  For the last couple weeks, the Clear Lake gauge says it’s been in the 80’s, while we’ve been in the 50’s and 60’s.  This might not sound all that crazy, except that Clear Lake is in Northern Iowa (almost Minnesota) and I’m in the mid-Atlantic (almost The South).

And now, this morning, I log on to see that it’s 54 degrees at 9 a.m. here, and 61 degrees there… at 8 a.m!  I say again, Clear Lake is in NORTHERN Iowa.  How can it be consistently warmer there than here?  Especially this time of year?

I began to suspect the temperature gauges (courtesy of Windows gizmos) is broken.  This morning just confirmed it.  So I log onto AccuWeather.  And what do I find?

It’s warmer in Northern Iowa earlier in the morning than it is here in the mid-Atlantic!

That’s jacked!

Can you say “oxymoron?”

I was in Target today, between medical appointments.  They’re getting ready for Halloween.  They had a whole bank of greeting cards for the occasion, with an orange and black banner over them saying “Give ’em a card that gives ’em the chills.”  The first card to catch my eye was Hello Kitty.  😀

In doing a Google image search for Hello Kitty, I came across some pictures of crazy Hello Kitty merchandise. I was going to post, among other things, the Hello Kitty toaster (complete with Hello Kitty toast), but someone not only beat me to it, he found even better stuff!  But wait, it gets better!  There’s even a blog dedicated to everything Hello Kitty stuff including trains, tanks, and even bulimia.  That is Whack!