Weather it’s nice or not

I love learning something new, not matter how trivial.

Trees are blooming in Washington, DC.

Beautiful to look at, but difficult to breathe.

Today I learned the AccuWeather app on my iPad can do more than help me plan what to wear.   I discovered several tabs I’d not noticed before.  So of course I checked them out.

Today is an Excellent day for all sports.  Well, except skiing.  That’s poor.  (Hee.)  It’s also a Low Risk day for most health concerns, except the one that concerns me the most—sinuses.  Even that isn’t too bad, being just Moderate.  That’s pretty good for this time of year considering the trees in Northern Virginia are starting to blossom.

Donald Trump has a Bad Hair Life, too.

Well, at least it’s not this bad.  I think.

But the best tab is the Outdoor tab.  Today’s an Excellent day for barbequing (which I plan to do this evening), walking the dog, and mowing the lawn.  And it’s a Low Risk day for Hair Frizz.  Yes!  It tickles me that the possibility of having a Bad Hair Day is important enough for AccuWeather to note.  Of course, it doesn’t matter to me.  I have a Bad Hair Life, so every day is a Bad Hair Day.  It’s what happens when you have 7 cowlicks.

Thanks, Mom.  You gave me your long, shapely legs, but also the crazy hair.  Not to worry, I still love ya.


It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas!

It’s snowing at!  To show it off, I’ve gone to the black background for a little while.

In Alexandria, VA, it’s a bit dreary and is spritzing off and on.  This is important because I finally “renewed” my driver’s license.  Which means a picture.  I told the fellow who took it that my last 2 pictures were quite good (I’m not photogenic), so the pressure was on.  He said it turned out good, but I haven’t seen it yet, so the jury’s still out.  (VA no longer issues drivers’ licenses in person.)  It will likely be quite a shock since I got my hair cut yesterday, and even more color was cut off.  It’s really light.  Maybe I’ll just pretend it’s platinum blond.

To celebrate, I made my yearly trek to the liquor store for my yearly bottle of  scotch—Johnny Walker Red.  I’m secure enough in my scotch drinking that I don’t have to pretend to prefer single malt.  Besides, it’s a much more Christmasy color.  The store also had Old Overholt, which I was tempted to buy just for the name.  But I resisted.

And since it was a soup kind of day, I stopped at Panera for lunch—”grown-up” grilled cheese and tomato soup.  To quote Sam Winchester in the case of the meadowsweet Christmas wreath, “It was yummy.”

Hello, Summer!

Wow, I shaved my legs just in time!  (One of the things I let go by the way-side while working long, hard days was shaving my legs.  Hey, I wore only pants, I wasn’t swimming*, and there is no man in my life to complain about it.  But I figured now that I’m a lady of leisure, I should start again.  That way I’d be ready for spring when it arrived.  Little did I know that spring summer was going to arrive in two days!)

What the hell? It’s eighty degrees today, and it’s barely the middle of March!  I had to dig through my clothes and do some laundry so that I’d have some shorts and other summery bottoms to wear.  Even the light-weight jeans I wore on Tuesday (when I did said laundry) was too much.

I shouldn’t complain.  I love wearing sandals and it’s much easier not to dress in layers.   The only drawback is we can’t turn on our a/c until May.  Apparently it’s a law in Alexandria, VA, that community dwellings can’t turn off the heat until April 30.  Since our heating and cooling are the same unit, we have to turn off one before we can turn on the other.  We usually have to suffer a week or so of heat without a/c every year, except in previous years, the heat wave’s been in April!   I’m sure the law is to protect residents from evil landlords; but we’re owners, for the most part. I don’t see why we can’t decide when to turn off our heat.

I could get a room-sized a/c unit, which several of my neighbors have.  But right now I’m not willing to deal with the hassle of installing it.  I already have too many boxes and packing material to clean out.  I’m willing to suffer for awhile.  Especially since I no longer have to go get up to work.  Hee!

*Swimming with hairy legs is weird.  I know this because for a time in grad school I decided to be Earth Woman and not shave.  My mother scolded me to shave my legs,  but I wasn’t motivated until I went to the pool to swim laps and it felt like seaweed all around my legs.)

What the hell???

I have 2 weather gauges on my desktop; one for Alexandria, VA, where I live, and one for Clear Lake, IA, where I (possibly) want to live.  For the last couple weeks, the Clear Lake gauge says it’s been in the 80’s, while we’ve been in the 50’s and 60’s.  This might not sound all that crazy, except that Clear Lake is in Northern Iowa (almost Minnesota) and I’m in the mid-Atlantic (almost The South).

And now, this morning, I log on to see that it’s 54 degrees at 9 a.m. here, and 61 degrees there… at 8 a.m!  I say again, Clear Lake is in NORTHERN Iowa.  How can it be consistently warmer there than here?  Especially this time of year?

I began to suspect the temperature gauges (courtesy of Windows gizmos) is broken.  This morning just confirmed it.  So I log onto AccuWeather.  And what do I find?

It’s warmer in Northern Iowa earlier in the morning than it is here in the mid-Atlantic!

That’s jacked!

Sunday Seven # I’ve lost track

Seven Random Thoughts

  1. So, where have I been?  Somewhere I mentioned February was  going to be a bitch.  It was.  The boss was overseas, which meant I was the boss.  And all of my March blogging time (what little there is of it) has been managing the yearly Supernatural March Madness contest.
  2. Almost 2 weeks ago I fell at the gas station (tripped on the gas hose as I was trying to step over it).  The head made contact with the cement and the first thing I noticed as I got up was the blood all over the white blouse I’d worn only twice.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad.  I never lost consciousness and was never dizzy.  It’s just that head wounds bleed a lot.  I did need a few stitches, though.  The scar has healed enough I don’t have to put a band-aid on it to go out in public.  What has been the most difficult are the muscles I pulled.  My chest and side are slow to heal.  They seem to be manageable now, but I have to remember to take the motrin even when I don’t think I need it.
  3. I knew I should have gotten a pedicure this weekend.  It’s going to be 80 degrees tomorrow and my toes are not sandal worthy yet.  And I just bought 4 new pairs of sandals.  (Hey, I’ve been wearing the same 2 pair for too many years now, so I think I deserve them!)
  4. The temperature in Clear Lake, IA (which is in northern Iowa, i.e., most Minnesota)  has been warmer than Alexandria, VA for the past few days.  This is good news, since I’m thinking about retiring there.
  5. Francesca, The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo was ok, but I’m not going to read any of the other books.  It was extremely graphic (violence against women) and the ending went on forever.
  6. I do recommend the novels of Olen Steinhauer.  I listened to 36 Yalta Boulevard (his 3rd book) in the car, and was encouraged enough to check out his first book from the library.  This also happened with Boris Akunin.  I listened to his first novel The Winter Queen (read by Campbell Scott, an actor I’ve always liked—and the son of George C.) and read a couple others.  Of interest to my Supernatural friends, the original title of The Winter Queen was Azazel.
  7. I have a new interest/obsession/crush/whatever, the Syfy show Merlin.  I’ve always loved the Arthurian legend, and this is a novel take on it.  The season finale is next Friday, and it looks to be really good.  Last season’s finale was fabulous. I never did write a separate post listing all the things I loved about it.  I think I’ll spend the rest of my Sunday afternoon watching the season 1 and 2 Merlin DVDs I just bought.

We’re having a heat wave…

A tropical heat wave.


(Sorry, I don’t know the rest of the song.)

It got up to 43 degrees today!  I even had to take my winter coat off while shopping, I got so warm.  But it’s just a one-day deal.  At least I had a chance to be out outside in the daylight for a change.

Looks like we’re not going to have a white Christmas.  I’m fine with that.  I’m even fine with it snowing on Sunday into Monday morning.  Because I’m taking Monday off.  😀  In fact, I’m taking a few days off, starting with today

Umm, I got nothin’ (else).