Who moved my cheese, er, puzzles?

Thanks for nothing, Washington Post.

I’ve been doing the  Washington Post’s online daily crossword puzzle for a couple years now.  Eventually I also begain doing the Mini Sudoku (a 6×6 grid).  Once I conquered the mini, I graduated to the big boy Daily Sudoku.  At first I tried with the hints on and went row by row, columnn by column, grid by grid.  But as I became more familiar with how Sudoku works, I began looking at the grids in whole, and found it better to start with a clean canvas (i.e., hints off).  I even got to the point of finishing the Friday and Sunday puzzles (the 5-star difficulty ones).

Last week, the Post changed its puzzles page to WP Games.  Now it comes with a myriad of games, including most of those found on HSN’s Arcade.  Worse, the Post’s Sudoku has taken on a new format, of which I can’t even complete the easiest version (without cheating).  It’s depressing.  And Mini Sudoku?  Gone, along with many of my past favorites, including Kakuro and Play 4.  (Crickler is still there, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it out.)

Oh yeah, and now I have to sit through a 15- or 30-sec commercial before each puzzle.

I can’t really blame the Post.  Newpapers have been losing revenue from print media for awhile now, and this is simply a way for them to recoup some costs while attracting a younger buying crowd with fancier, glitzier puzzles.

I suppose I should be grateful.  Perhaps now I’ll waste less time in the morning and become more productive.  Then again, maybe I’ll just go to Yahoo, where I can find the old Daily Sudoku version.  It’s just not as user-friendly, there’s no mini Sudoku, and I still have to sit through commercials.