Weather it’s nice or not

I love learning something new, not matter how trivial.

Trees are blooming in Washington, DC.

Beautiful to look at, but difficult to breathe.

Today I learned the AccuWeather app on my iPad can do more than help me plan what to wear.   I discovered several tabs I’d not noticed before.  So of course I checked them out.

Today is an Excellent day for all sports.  Well, except skiing.  That’s poor.  (Hee.)  It’s also a Low Risk day for most health concerns, except the one that concerns me the most—sinuses.  Even that isn’t too bad, being just Moderate.  That’s pretty good for this time of year considering the trees in Northern Virginia are starting to blossom.

Donald Trump has a Bad Hair Life, too.

Well, at least it’s not this bad.  I think.

But the best tab is the Outdoor tab.  Today’s an Excellent day for barbequing (which I plan to do this evening), walking the dog, and mowing the lawn.  And it’s a Low Risk day for Hair Frizz.  Yes!  It tickles me that the possibility of having a Bad Hair Day is important enough for AccuWeather to note.  Of course, it doesn’t matter to me.  I have a Bad Hair Life, so every day is a Bad Hair Day.  It’s what happens when you have 7 cowlicks.

Thanks, Mom.  You gave me your long, shapely legs, but also the crazy hair.  Not to worry, I still love ya.


What the hell???

I have 2 weather gauges on my desktop; one for Alexandria, VA, where I live, and one for Clear Lake, IA, where I (possibly) want to live.  For the last couple weeks, the Clear Lake gauge says it’s been in the 80’s, while we’ve been in the 50’s and 60’s.  This might not sound all that crazy, except that Clear Lake is in Northern Iowa (almost Minnesota) and I’m in the mid-Atlantic (almost The South).

And now, this morning, I log on to see that it’s 54 degrees at 9 a.m. here, and 61 degrees there… at 8 a.m!  I say again, Clear Lake is in NORTHERN Iowa.  How can it be consistently warmer there than here?  Especially this time of year?

I began to suspect the temperature gauges (courtesy of Windows gizmos) is broken.  This morning just confirmed it.  So I log onto AccuWeather.  And what do I find?

It’s warmer in Northern Iowa earlier in the morning than it is here in the mid-Atlantic!

That’s jacked!

Sunday Seven # I’ve lost track

Seven Random Thoughts

  1. So, where have I been?  Somewhere I mentioned February was  going to be a bitch.  It was.  The boss was overseas, which meant I was the boss.  And all of my March blogging time (what little there is of it) has been managing the yearly Supernatural March Madness contest.
  2. Almost 2 weeks ago I fell at the gas station (tripped on the gas hose as I was trying to step over it).  The head made contact with the cement and the first thing I noticed as I got up was the blood all over the white blouse I’d worn only twice.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad.  I never lost consciousness and was never dizzy.  It’s just that head wounds bleed a lot.  I did need a few stitches, though.  The scar has healed enough I don’t have to put a band-aid on it to go out in public.  What has been the most difficult are the muscles I pulled.  My chest and side are slow to heal.  They seem to be manageable now, but I have to remember to take the motrin even when I don’t think I need it.
  3. I knew I should have gotten a pedicure this weekend.  It’s going to be 80 degrees tomorrow and my toes are not sandal worthy yet.  And I just bought 4 new pairs of sandals.  (Hey, I’ve been wearing the same 2 pair for too many years now, so I think I deserve them!)
  4. The temperature in Clear Lake, IA (which is in northern Iowa, i.e., most Minnesota)  has been warmer than Alexandria, VA for the past few days.  This is good news, since I’m thinking about retiring there.
  5. Francesca, The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo was ok, but I’m not going to read any of the other books.  It was extremely graphic (violence against women) and the ending went on forever.
  6. I do recommend the novels of Olen Steinhauer.  I listened to 36 Yalta Boulevard (his 3rd book) in the car, and was encouraged enough to check out his first book from the library.  This also happened with Boris Akunin.  I listened to his first novel The Winter Queen (read by Campbell Scott, an actor I’ve always liked—and the son of George C.) and read a couple others.  Of interest to my Supernatural friends, the original title of The Winter Queen was Azazel.
  7. I have a new interest/obsession/crush/whatever, the Syfy show Merlin.  I’ve always loved the Arthurian legend, and this is a novel take on it.  The season finale is next Friday, and it looks to be really good.  Last season’s finale was fabulous. I never did write a separate post listing all the things I loved about it.  I think I’ll spend the rest of my Sunday afternoon watching the season 1 and 2 Merlin DVDs I just bought.

Sunday Seven #4

[You thought I’d forgotten all about this, hadn’t you?  I just couldn’t think of anything for a long time.  Now I’m (sort of) full of ideas.]

I am so sick of this cold weather!  Yes, I grew up in Iowa where 32 degrees is spring-like; but we adjust to a warmer climate much more quickly than a colder one.  So, instead of a Sunday Seven about my favorite holiday foods, or about seven goals for 2011, here’s…

Seven Reasons I Hate Winter

  1. Cold weather aggravates my eczema.  I get red blotches that are so noticeable, people ask if someone’s hit me.  And my skin actually hurts.  It was so cold and windy when I woke up on Tuesday, I couldn’t face the half-mile walk from my car to the building, so I called in “sick.”
  2. The dry, heated indoor air plays havoc with my skin and sinuses.  (I’m fighting a headache right now.)  Humidifiers in the bedroom help, but…
  3. Filling and maintaining the humidifiers is just another housekeeping task I have to do.  (Yes, I truly am that lazy!)
  4. Driving in snow.  Yes, I have an all-wheel-drive vehicle (and I know how to drive in snow).  But that doesn’t help the other drivers
  5. Getting bombarded by the snow trucks.  In case you hadn’t heard, it snowed in the DC area last Thursday.  Coming home, three salt trucks came on the freeway just seconds before I passed the interchange.  I managed to drive past one (getting a direct hit of salt on my right side), but couldn’t get past the others.  I got a second direct hit when the third one passed me again to meet up with the other two. (See Note 1 below)
    • By the way, the trucks drive in formation, one in each lane abreast of each other so that you can’t pass them.  And just to make sure, they’re accompanied by another vehicle (with red flashing light) that cuts you off if you try to pass.  (I didn’t try that, being a moderately sane driver, but I watched as someone else tried it.)
    • Oh yeah, I also used up all the windshield washer fluid for my rear window.  So now I have to figure out how to refill that.
  6. Getting the car washed just added one more item to my list of weekend projects.
  7. And lastly, it’s friggin’ cold when I step out of the shower.  I hate that!

Note 1:  Pay attention to the use of passed and past.  Using them incorrectly is almost as big a pet peeve of mine as the misuse of then and than (which aren’t even close to each other in meaning).

Baby, it’s hot outside!

I went out to buy groceries this morning at 9:00.  It was 86 degrees.  At 9:00!  A.m.!  ForecastFox shows sizzling red thermometers for tomorrow and Wednesday.

For the 4th of July weekend, I started watching HBO’s John Adams.  I don’t know when it was made, but it totally escaped my radar.  (Oh, IMDB says it was made in 2008.)  I watched the first episode last night.  It included a scene of a man being tarred and feathered.  I’m scarred for life.  Seriously.  I almost heaved.  The 2nd installment was mostly about the Continental Congress.  Adams’ complains of men pontificating simply because they like the sound of their own voices, with very little forward progress being made.  So I guess the way Congress acts is nothing new.  Heh.  Still, the episode finished with the reading of the Declaration of Independence.  And I teared up.

In other news, I thought I was forging new territory with my interest in Merlin, and the chemistry between the two leads.  But I ventured over to LiveJournal (looking for screencaps) and found out there’s a whole “Merlin is to Arthur as Sam is to Dean” cult.  Why am I always the last to know?  Just for the record, Bradley James reminds me of a young Jensen Ackles.  With a British accent.

Snow Day!

I have tomorrow off.  Again!  Hee!  After the blizzard of ’09 (also on a Saturday), the Federal Government was closed on Monday.  I just tried to check the OPM website (Office of Personnel Management, who makes the decision for the Feds) to see what the status was, and the server keeps timing out.  I’m sure it’s because everyone else is trying to check it, too.

So if I can’t get to the server, how do I know?   I checked the local “news, weather, and traffic” radio station and they show all the closings and delays.  I think there are two reasons for the closure.  One is that Metro’s (DC’s “subway” system) above ground tracks are still closed.   (“Above ground rails” is why “subway” is in quotes.)  The other is many roads are still in poor shape.  So it’s better for us to stay off the streets until they can get everything treated.

Total accumulation was over 2 feet.  And that’s about how much was on the car.  (Not as much drifting this time.)  But apparently the record is something like 28″, so we didn’t break it.

I turned on Puppy Bowl VI this afternoon and caught the “Kitty Halftime Show.”  It was a bunch of kittens playing with kitten toys.  With strobe lights.  I recognized a few of the toys, because I have them.  They’ve really expanded the Puppy Bowl.  They’ve had the waterbowl cam for a couple years.  Now they have the Twizzler blimp, manned by a bunch of hamsters.  cheerleader rabbits, spectator dogs, and a (human) referee.  In fact, one puppy was penalized for tail biting, and another was thrown out for unnecessary roughness.  Gosh, I wish I worked for the Animal Planet channel.


We’re supposed to get over 10″ (and more like 15-20″) of snow tomorrow.  In a place where 4″ is a blizzard!  The  weatherman says it’s going to be the biggest storm we’ve seen in years.  The governor of Virginia has already declared a state of emergency—and not one flake has fallen!

I was supposed to get my hair cut in the morning and had another appointment in the afternoon about 30 miles away.  I just called the salon and they said my hairdresser is planning on coming in tomorrow.  But she lives fairly far out in the area that’s supposed to get the most snow.  I think once she gets up and sees the snow, she’ll reconsider.  Of course, if she doesn’t work, she doesn’t get paid.  Worse, this area is overflowing with Type-A types who’ll probably be pissed if she doesn’t come in.  But geez, her husband had a heart transplant a few years ago.  I think it’s better for her to be safe.

Although I didn’t really need anything from the grocery store, I stopped by to get some cheese I’ve become very fond of.  And since I was thinking about baking (pumpkin pies) this weekend, I picked up some eggs and condensed milk.  The store was crraazzzyy!  One youngish guy came by with his cart full of  beer.  (Hee!)  Later, when he was picking up some kitty litter (double hee!), I noticed he had some sodas, too.  He probably won’t get a chance to get to the store before Sunday football, so I figured he was getting ready for the game.  [Oh, I just realized he was probably getting the litter for his car.  He didn’t really look like a cat person.]

As I passed the gas station, there was a line there, too.  I’m so happy I filled my tank earlier this week!

And I am so freakin’ double uber-happy I got all my Christmas presents out last night!